About Us

Indian Summer

Indian Summer, located in the heart of Mauritius is a place to relish true Indian food, enjoying the aromas of royal meals that were once served in the feasts of maharajas and Nawabs. Our master chefs hailing from the costs of Kerala to the gardens of Kashmir invite you to savour their best of the best –from the fragrant Biriyani, succulent kebabs, crispy chat to saffron laced jalebis. We are the authentic specialists in North Indian dishes, South Indian Dishes, Hyderabadi, Gujarati, Kerala, Bengali sweets, and the great Thandoors.

Indian summer conserves the eastern décor  which reminds the grandeur of Asiatic palaces. Enjoy the Indian feel of food which is prepared on the basis of traditional health practices and culture. We assure that it is really enticing and Indian Summer welcomes you to taste and feel the unique experience. For the Indians and those who love the Indian ways, we offer the fulfillment of their nostalgic longings. The exotic flavours that the expertise our chefs lend to the Indian dishes of exquisite varieties is mouth –watering and a joy forever.  To be sure, Indian Summer is the finest destination in Mauritius to taste the dishes of your taste! Indian Summer is the only restaurant in Mauritius to serve Indian food typical to all areas of India with authenticity.

We Came to the former isle de France to introduce a food culture which is typically Indian and cosmopolitan at the level of enjoyment,  as food is the best link between  nationalities and cultures. We uphold the motto of rendering the best of the true South Indian taste and as we turn back, we realise that we could successfully carry out the mission we had undertaken.

The cozy and cool ambience that the merge of brown and yellow lights lend envelops you in the feel of relaxation and wholesomeness. Be it a lunch with the loved, or dinner with your friends or pleasure moments with your family, the Indian Summer experience would be an indelible event in your memory.

The restaurant is spacious enough to accommodate up to 150 persons with a main dining area, a private hall for small reunions, and an open terrace. You can arrange official meetings, birthday parties, wedding engagements or even wedding parties on prior booking and Indian Summer offers earnest and sincere hospitality and service on all your festive moments.

We  have the facilitiy for arranging  dinner  under the starry dome of divine creation, if you feel the fancy for the dining in a free atmosphere under open sky. Clients are at liberty to express their tastes and preferences which match their budgets and we arrange them to fulfil the wish. Satisfaction of the customer to which Indian Summer attaches topmost priority is not a promise in word but realisation in deed. To realise this objective we serve top quality food in unbelievable taste served with utmost hospitality. We offer top quality food which is totally new to you. Come and feel the great moments of dining experience with your family, friends or loved ones.

Opened at Rose Hill in 2009 Indian Summer  shifted to Ebène City in January 2014 widening the scope and premises. We promise our clientele, the traditional dainties of South India in their  true taste and flavours. On the menu, you will find dishes like Malasa Dosai, Iddly Vada, special biriyani, naan roti, Tandoori Chicken and Kabab etc prepared by the qualified and experienced Indian cooks. Indian Summer is a genuine venture of introducing  south Indian culture through its  diverse dishes.